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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The Inevitable: 'NYT' Fashion Section Covers Pussy Riot

Perhaps, with this, we now have to start worrying that the Pussy Riot craze will soon be over, even as the young women await possible jail sentences. Ah, but they have style:  "All the elements are there: gaudy, ripped-to-fit minis and shifts in contrasting solid colors with bright tights, boots and those haunting balaclavas....'When we get together to work out our clothes, it is like a feminine punk game,' Bullet said somberly. 'The girls meet and we show each other the dresses, and say, Look what I’ve found!, just as if we were going to a cocktail party.'... 'It’s very important to us that there are no designers or labels to fetishize around us, because we do everything ourselves.'

"The one exception to this rule are the Dr. Martens they sometimes wear. 'The girls have to be able to run at all times,' as Bullet put it."

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