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Sunday, August 26, 2012

The Mind of the Aurora Shooter

Been waiting for major NYT updated profile of James Holmes, the Aurora shooter, and it just arrived tonight, from a team of reporters.  Much on his insanity, his increasingly bizarre habits and behavior, taking LSD,  the doctor who saw him, and much more. "Yet as time has passed, a clearer picture has begun to surface. Interviews with more than a dozen people who knew or had contact with Mr. Holmes in the months before the attack paint a disturbing portrait of a young man struggling with a severe mental illness who more than once hinted to others that he was losing his footing."

This is news to me:
Dave Aragon, the director of the low-budget movie “Suffocator of Sins,” a Batman-style story of vigilante justice and dark redemption, remembers receiving two phone calls in late May or early June from a man identifying himself as James Holmes from Denver. The caller had become enraptured with the four-minute online trailer for the movie, Mr. Aragon said — “He told me he’d watched it 100 times” — and had pressed him for more details about the film.
“He came off as articulate, nervous, on the meek side,” he said. “He was obviously interested in the body count.” 

I found the trailer.  "It's crime time, America."  Below:

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