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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The 'October Surprise'?

Bombing Iran? Romney's tax returns hacked? How about, as Frank Rich just wrote for New York Magazine line: bombshell revelations from not one but two federal probes of GOP sugar daddy Sheldon Adelson. Many top journos also probing. Frank:
"Adelson’s gambling empire, Las Vegas Sands, is the subject of two different major federal investigations, one by the Justice Department and another by the Securities and Exchange Commission. It is kosher to ask whether Adelson is lavishing as much (or maybe more) than $100 million on the GOP not just to promote his hawkish views about Israel but also to try to shut down those investigations in a Romney administration. Meanwhile, journalists, and not just at the Times but at ProPublica, Frontline, the Journal, and NBC News, among no doubt others, are continuing to dig into Adelson’s empire. What happens in Vegas — and in the Sands’s Macau outpost as well — will not stay in Vegas between now and Election Day. This could be the sleeper “October Surprise” of the 2012 campaign."

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