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Thursday, August 23, 2012

The Worst Art Restoration in History

An elderly parishioner in Spain took it on herself.  Jesus as Monkey Man.  Now faces lawsuit. (Getty images left)


Laurence Glavin said...

Several years ago, Discovery, the print magazine, and Discovery, the cable channel, did a piece on how Jesus MIGHT HAVE LOOKED IN REAL LIFE (assuming he really existed). They eventually came up with the visage of a Semitic man, somewhat similar to actor Alan Arkin, but a little more Jewish. And he might not have had a beard. Saul of Tarsus claimed to have seen Jesus personally and later wrote (or some later scribe wrote down) that it's unnatural for a man to have long hair. (He wasn't fond of short hair on women, so were he living today, would probably NOT be a fan of Rachel Maddow.

Anonymous said...

We are organizing a petition to stop the church from restoring the fresco to its original state. We like it as it is! Its an improvement! If you agree please like this page