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Friday, August 24, 2012

True Lies

Big scoop today for Steve Rosenfeld at Alternet, after he went "undercover" to attend training program in Denver for a little-known pro-GOP "Voter Vigilante" group that seeks to halt all those fraudulent (maybe a couple dozen in reality) Democratic voters out there.   They want 1 million activists deployed on Election Day. Yes,  John Fund is a star.

True the Vote is a voting vigilante group that never should have grown past its Texas cowboy-meets-Tea Party justice roots. Its top leaders have a jaunty, string ‘em up, guilty-until-proven-innocent mindset. They represent the most extreme views on the Right when it comes to voting—that the process is filled with corruption that is bound to be exploited by local political bosses and machines, which, of course, are Democratic. Where liberals see that a third of all eligible voters in America do not vote and want to make the process more accessible, the Right believes to do so would mean the end of America as they know it. They think it’s patriotic to be self-appointed judges, juries and if necessary.

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