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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Truth Hurts?

Ross Douthat in a lather at NYT with new blog post today building on his latest column hitting the "negative" tone of Obama's campaign (I've  pointed out that studies show Romney's own campaign is many times worse).   Like others, he claims the president has given up on trying to win votes among the white "working-class"--so he can "pander elsewhere"--yet denounces the very ads that focus on the stories of such folks who have lost jobs or health care (and seemingly seeking their votes).

He also links to a new Buzzfeed piece that rips what GOPers are calling the "most toxic" Obama PAC ad yet,  released this morning by PrioritiesUSA, accusing of the Obamaites of blaming Romney for death of a steel worker's wife.  Chris Cillizza of the Wash Post just called it "rough" in a tweet.   PrioritiesUSA cites the "Romney Record" at their site.  Watch ad here:

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