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Saturday, August 16, 2014

Woodstock, MIA

I've been paying tribute to the (perhaps over-hyped) festival which took place exactly 45 years ago--while I had to work at my summer job at a daily newspaper a couple of hundred miles to the west.  Well, I did make it to the Toronto Pop festival earlier that summer, where I caught The Band, Steppenwolf, Procol Harum, more.

Anyway, here's a quiz:  Everyone knows the fest was suppose to close on day 3, a Sunday, but actually bled into Monday morning.  Still: which three acts were stranded or cancelled and never got to play?  Honk, honk... Iron Butterfly, Jeff Beck, It's a Beautiful Day.   So here's a little vintage Beck below.  He's even wearing sleeves.  The Yardbirds--also with Page and Clapton at different points--were erratic but often great.  BTW,  lead singer Keith Relf got electrocuted plugging in a guitar and died a few years later.

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Unknown said...

The Yardbirds' lead singer was Keith Relf, not "Keith Ralf."