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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Young Obama vs. Poverty: But Quiet Now

That's the focus of major NYT Sunday Magazine piece coming this week, just now online but not on the home page.  Writer Paul Tough visited Roseland, where Obama did much of his famous "community organizing" work.  Still: "The idea that Obama hasn’t done much for poor Americans is simply not true; by some measures, he has done more than any other recent president. But Herbert is right that Obama has stopped talking publicly about the subject. Obama hasn’t made a single speech devoted to poverty as president, and if you visit barackobama.com these days, you would be hard-pressed to find any reference to the subject whatsoever. As a result, he is missing — so far, at least — an important opportunity to change and elevate the national conversation on poverty." (Photo by Marc PoKempner, during Obama's first run for political office in 1995.  © Marc PoKempner, 1995.)

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Dr. D said...

Obama did not fail. But reality of politics trumped his work and effort with the poverty stricken The Republicans have managed to portray poverty as failure, driven by laziness of entitlements' demanding minorities. Welfare is a racially charged word of meaning Big Goverment redistributing hard working Americans' taxes.