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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Drone Strikes Hit

UPDATE  Charles P. Pierce with brilliant posting,  noting report below and latest (anonymous sourced) claim that we killed a terrorist and "five others."  So he imagines who those "Others" might be.   And notes this is Obama's war.

Earlier:  A new report from Stanford and NYU researchers hits the U.S. for its continuing drone strikes in Pakistan which they said is causing many more civilian casualties, and worse alienation of locals, than we admit. 
The report, by human rights researchers at the Stanford and New York University law schools, urges the United States to “conduct a fundamental re-evaluation of current targeted killing practices” including “short- and long-term costs and benefits.” It also calls on the administration to make public still-secret legal opinions justifying the strikes.
Human rights groups have previously reached similar conclusions, and the report draws heavily on previous reporting, notably by the Bureau for Investigative Journalism in London. But the study is among the most thorough on the subject to date and is based on interviews with people injured by drone-fired missiles, their family members, Pakistani officials, lawyers and journalists.

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