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Monday, September 17, 2012

Auto-Tuning: The Game

Yes, the fabulous Gregory Brothers (who are brothers, broadly-defined) have taken their auto-tune and songify magic to the NYT, with this wonderful mash-up of the Obamas and the Romneys convention speeches, as if for a video game, completing with scoring, and a musical soundtrack.  Love Mitt's expressions as he gazes over at Barack.   And the winner ....

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Laurence Glavin said...

The Sunday Times's News in Review Section contained an article about the increasingly limited intervals used in pop music over the decades. As a result, we are living in an era when if it weren't for auto-tune, many pop or rock recordings wouldn't have any intervals at all. Harper's Index a month or two ago stated that more and more pop or rock songs are supposedly in minor keys. Could it just be auto-tune introducing minor thirds whether the songwriters put them there or not?