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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Bush's 'Pet Goat' Still at Large

Yes, Dubya's favorite children's story--he found it so gripping he could not get up and take action on 9/11--is still in print, although sadly ranked only 228,000 in sales at Amazon today.   What most people never quite got was that it was never a "book" as such, but simply one story in a Reading Rainbow collection.   Also:  Its title was inevitably reported (even much later by Michael Moore in Fahrenheit 911) as "My Pet Goat" when it was really "The Pet Goat."  You can re-visit Bush reading the story on 9/11 here.  Amazon still carries a couple of snarky reviews, including: 

"I really like this book a lot. Once I was reading this book with some short friends of mine. (These friends are people, and they're not as tall as me.) I'm sorry to say, though, my friend Andy came into the room while I was reading this VERY VERY GOOD book and he interrupted me, which was really sort of rude of him...."

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