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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Buzzfeed Not Even as Credible as Fake News Show

We posted a couple of days ago on the laughable column by Buzzfeed's chief editor Ben Smith defending the Paul Ryan brand of "truthiness" and more.   He responded to such critiques with another howler:  “I don’t think reporters should write what they don’t know, and ‘lie’ implies you know the speaker’s intent, which if he or she hasn’t told you, you don’t.”  Except when it's as clear as the nose growing on their face.  You know, like all those GOPers really do believe Obama has already "gutted" welfare reform. 

At the same time his site was disputing Jon Stewart calling "bullfuckingshit" Mitt Romney's claim in his speech last week that he had wished Obama much "success" after he took office in 2009.  Jon played a clip of Romney on Fox, while also citing evidence from another top GOPer.  But The Daily Show doesn't take such criticism in stride, and issues this rebuttal.  "To us, it was an obvious case of concern trollintg — the rhetorical gambit of pretending to support an opponent, while undermining the basis of their argument. Perhaps an analogy might help: 'I wish the Jews the greatest of success, but not if they continue to pursue the failed policies of Moses and Abraham."

You can also go-to-the-video-tape. 

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Jay Ackroyd (@jayackroyd) said...


You know, it's kind of a netiquette violation to tweet links to content that puts your blog in the middle. I appreciate your curation; I certainly wouldn't have seen this TDS post if you hadn't called my attention to it. But I generally don't click through links on your tweets because I dislike the misleading way in which you post them--as if they point to the site you refer you rather than to your blog.