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Monday, September 3, 2012

David Brooks Still in Parody Mode

This is what's probably kept you going over the long weekend: There's a new David Brooks column for the Tuesday NYT and he's still in the humor mode.  How's this howler for starters:  Despite nothing of the sort from Romney last week, he demands that Obama make a new major policy proposal in his acceptance speech!

And there's so much more in this vein, for example:  Brooks suggests Obama explicitly back about a dozen plans, most of which certain (given the GOP's PAC spending advantage now) to turn off  moderate voters and guarantee his defeat.  That Brooks--what a card! Hey, make a call to totally "re-structure Social Security" and "cap social security benefits."  That won't scare anyone. Ah, Dave, he's just trying to be helpful.

His conclusion is also a howler:  "But, mostly, I wish he’d be for something. I wish he’d rise above the petty tactical considerations that have shrunk him over the past two years. I wish he’d finally define what he stands for....

"Four years ago, Obama said we could no longer postpone tackling the big problems. But now he seems driven by a fear of defeat. His proposals seem bite-size. If Obama can’t tell us the big policy thing he wants to do, he doesn’t deserve a second term."

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