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Monday, September 24, 2012

Did Bounderby 'Build That'?

David Frum, the (relatively) sane conservative, posts a mini-review of a book I touted here last month, Dickens' wonderful and prescient Hard Times.   He calls it the master's "pre-buttal" to Ayn Rand and Galtism--and therefore, Paul Ryan--and also the "you didn't build that" meme.  Of course, the lead character in that is Bounderby, with his tales of rising up from the (literal) ditch purely by his own workings ("I pulled through it, though nobody threw me out a rope), when the truth was (spoiler alert) quite different.  But it's a book that's great, and often funny, for many others reason--for our own hard times.  And now we witness in Romney the same "vast amount of Bounderby balderdash and bluster," as Dickens put it.

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