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Monday, September 5, 2016

FDR: 'I Welcome Their Hatred'

Need more of this today.  Here's Roosevelt's  famous "I welcome their hatred" speech.  You may have heard that most famous line but not any of the rest.  Now here:

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Anonymous said...

This is a great video. Even though its true, The 'hatred" portion may be viewed, or made to look like, POTUS is alienating 45% of the nation which obviously do not like him. I believe that in spite of the abundant hate against POTUS, it does not serve Obama's purpose or our interest as Americans to further enhance the current division we have in this country. I would love this video to be played (without the hatred part)repeatedly after Obama is re-elected as we go to all the people to solicit a constitutional amendment to overturn Citizens United. That would be impact-full.