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Friday, September 28, 2012

Horse Race Baiting

Add to the list of conservative excuses for Romney losing--besides the "liberal bias" of the media, and their "skewed" polls, there's the "horse race" coverage of the race!  Which has been with us for decades now, and promoted by folks at Fox and other such outlets, but only now are right-wingers complaining.  See Ross Douthat at NYT here.

According to this meme, Obama ought to be losing due to the problems he's faced, from the economy to Libya, but NO.  Somehow he is pulling away.  And one big reason:  the media are covering him pulling away!  Also, they are covering Romney's fellow GOPers complaining about what a lame candidate it is.  If they'd just shut up, and maybe stop reporting the polls, he would no doubt surge and take control.  

Check out the Comments at bottom of Douthat post.  Fun.  Here's one:  "Fox News has been misinforming citizens for years -- Jon Stewart wouldn't be as successful without their idiocy. You're whining about the "horse race" media that refuses to INFORM the electorate? If the media has devolved to reporting the odds on the horse race, then Fox News is attempting to dope not only the horses, but the spectators."

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