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Monday, September 10, 2012

Krugman Calls Ryan 'Shyster'

The NYT columnist has really been upping the rhetorical ante vs. favorite whipping boy Paul Ryan the past two days.  Yesterday we noted his claim in a blog post headline that zombies may have eaten Paul's brain.  Just now we get the headline "An Obvious Shyster."

Krugman links to a major Tom Edsall piece at the Times and adds:   "And yet until very recently the whole Beltway was united in praising Ryan as a Serious deficit hawk, with a detailed plan — he even received a big award for fiscal responsibility. So the Ryan story isn’t just about Ryan; it’s about how the establishment allowed itself to be taken in by such an obvious shyster, despite warnings from many of us that he was, well, an obvious shyster."

And now Krugman has added a new post, comparing Romney to back-flippin' Gabby Douglas for his walk back of his walk back of his walk back on what he's like to retain from Obamacare. 

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