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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Krugman Takes Up the "Are You Better Off?" Challenge

My new piece at The Nation looks at the GOP's new focus in asking the inevitable are-you-better-off-than-four-years-ago--and wonders if the media will probe the cherry picking of evidence.  And see this new blog post by Paul Krugman on how misleading--and "nonsense"-- the entire question is. Obama inherited the worst economy since the Depression and things could have gotten much, much worse, and did not. Also, citing Dean Baker, he suggests that if you have a fire at your house that doesn't take the whole structure you would surely have to admit that it is worse off than before--but at least it's still quite fixable.

"Would a Republican president have done better? If so, how? That’s the question — not the dumb 'four years' trope."

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