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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Lacking Native Intelligence

Buzzfeed with amazing video (see below) of Sen. Scott Brown staffers--including at least one top guy--going way too far in mocking Elizabeth Warren's claim of some slight Indian ancestry.  Yes, there are Indian war whoops and tomahawk chops and, for some reason, "Yankees Suck."

UPDATE  Great Charles P. Pierce take on all this, of course.  One excerpt:  "Staging amateur theatricals on the sidewalk concerning issues nobody cares about is distracting, and it makes you look like a jackass, and, besides, you're the one opposed to 'negative attacks,' remember? The second-most bipartisan senator in the universe?"  And it's also a wink-wink to the anti-affirmative action crowd.

UPDATE #2   NYT tonight with full report on Brown going negative and charging that Warren has "failed" the character issue. "With six weeks left and the high-stakes Senate race still very close, Mr. Brown is seeking to convert almost everything into a character issue."

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