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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Ladies, Get Your Mitt Wear and More!

Forget all that stuff about the Romney video, this is the story of the day.  New site, Romney's Lady Wear,  pitching products for women who back Romney, including the mop and tub set (left),  Mitt's Oven Mittens,  a 16-piece pots and pans set, and so much more!  I won't ruin it for you by quoting from some of the products descriptions or user comments!   "Food never tasted better than out of my Presidential Pots and Pans. My daughters can't wait to help me out in the kitchen every evening!  -Trish, Florida

And there's more!  There's a separate "Ryan's Girl" page, which offers a t-shirt, "Ryan Has a Great Body (of Work)."  They're also appealing for videos which should be fun.  Recently they passed out Mitt's Mitts at the GOP convention.  I must say, I will be happily surprised if this somehow is not one big goof. 

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