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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Leonard Cohen: Now 'Everybody Knows'

As a major and longtime Leonard Cohen fan(atic) I am shocked to read there's a new biography of him that is news to me--and reviewed by Janet Maslin in the NYT tomorrow.  Thankfully, the book, by Sylvie Simmons is "the major, soul-searching biography" that Leonard deserves.  And yes, we hear from Marianne,  andSuzanne, not to mention Judy Collins.  A "labor of love."  Here's a little Leonard off the page from a few years back, but for him it's not "Closing Time" yet, as evidenced by latest album and tour. (P.S., after writing this I watched episode #9 of the first season of Homeland and sure enough, there's Leonard singing "Everybody Knows" at the closing credits.)

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Leonard Cohen said...

The voice, the words, the emotions he brings with each song ... and here in 2012, he is still perfection to me.