Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Mitt Wonders

With reports of Romney's classic claim that it's an outrage that you can't open windows on airplanes gaining more play (see my post today) a Twitter hashtag, of course, has been born: #MittWonders.  My old pal Lizz Winstead offers:  "Why can't people smoke at gas stations? I mean, it's outdoors!"  (Then's there's the idea of strapping Rafalca to the roof of a plane.)A few other favorites so far:

--“I shave but it keeps coming back! What’s THAT all about?”

--"Why didn't Tom Hanks just buy a new Wilson?"

--"Why do cats get 9 Lives and Humans only get one?"

-- "Why would a baker include 13 in a dozen when it's just going to cut into his profit margin?"

--"How many millions does it take to win this thing?!"

--And, of course, the venerable: "Why do people drive on a parkway but park in a driveway?"

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