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Sunday, September 2, 2012

Mittens and Muffin Tops

UPDATE: See video below for clips from infamous "Muffin Tops" Seinfeld episode.

What is there really left to say at this point about Mitt Romney?  Somehow the NYT found a way with an op-ed piece appearing tomorrow.  Written by Marie Myung-Ok Lee, who teaches writing at Columbia U., it seems trivial at the start--just consider the headline, "What Muffins Say About Mitt Romney" (how did they resist going with "What Muffins Say About Mittens"?).   Apparently I missed that some Romney supporters have been talking about his average-Joe credentials by revealing that he eats muffins for breakfast--not crumpets or gold-flaked pancakes--and, actually, just eats the tops.  This is suppose to show that he can make the tough decisions, I guess, on cutting entitlements.

Anyway:  The writer points out that her Asian father, a Republican (who struggled through poverty in Korea), might have backed Romney for his pro-business tone but: 
I can only imagine what he would have had to say about a presidential candidate so heedless he eats only the top off a muffin. No matter how loyal a Republican, my father would likely have declared Mr. Romney a very silly, profligate man — not the kind of man to be trusted with his precious tax money. Perhaps his vote would have gone to a Democrat for the first time ever. Politico has declared the Asian-American vote “key for both parties.”  Will muffin-top-gate cause other immigrant parents to join their Democratic-leaning children?  

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