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Monday, September 3, 2012

Now a Weather Worry for Obama

Guess what, weather forecast dicey for Obama's big night in Charlotte in an...outdoor stadium.  (Genius move may rival the Eastwood scheduling last week.) And with no umbrellas allowed.
As delegates began arriving Monday evening, the skies began darkening, with thunderstorms bringing the possibility of flooding to the Charlotte area. Weather forecasts suggested that storms might extend through Thursday night.
“We have an advisory team in place that is constantly updating a contingency plan in the event of severe weather, which will be announced if the need arises,” said Joanne Peters, a
spokeswoman for the convention. Safety is a top priority, she said.
The political risk is high, just as it was for Republicans, who canceled the first day of their convention because of Hurricane Isaac. Democrats are eager to deliver their campaign message this week without the same kind of distractions.

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