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Saturday, September 8, 2012

'NYT' Public Editor Gets Down to Work

The NYT's new public editor,  Margaret Sullivan, introduces herself and her goals in her debut column tomorrow.  I know her slightly, having put her on the cover at Editor & Publisher a few years back when she was the editor of Warren Buffett's Buffalo News (one of my childhood papers), and then in a few phone chats, with a luncheon hello a couple of years ago. Seemed nice. As her three goals she mentions promoting transparecy, putting readers first, and encouraging "conversation," with this new initiative:

"I’m working with the news presentation experts here to find new ways to make the public editor’s Web page a village square for discussion. I intend to blog frequently and to use social media outlets like Twitter to expand the sphere and invite other voices in. I’ll also sometimes comment on journalism outside The Times, both for comparative purposes and because I think it will interest readers."

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