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Friday, September 7, 2012

'NYT' Reviews Woodward Book

Mitt Romney was already citing the new Bob Woodward book, "The Politics of Power,"  today, even though it's not out for a couple of days.  The NYT bought a copy somehow and posted some excerpts yesterday and has full review tomorrow.  Here it is now. But Michiko Kakutani says it's mainly old hat and:  "Beyond the most hard-core fiscal policy wonks, however, it’s difficult to imagine anyone outside the Beltway being interested in this volume’s granular telling and retelling of these matters, its almost blow-by-blow chronicle of the maneuvering, haggling, grandstanding and ideological positioning that have taken root on both sides of the aisle."

Book ends with Woodward "editorializing," largely against Obama, claiming he could have "worked his will" on opponents, as Reagan and Clinton did--seemingly without recognizing the rise of the Tea Party, the collapse of moderate Republicanism.

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