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Saturday, September 1, 2012

'NYT' With Another Misleading Piece on..."Misleading" Campaign Rhetoric.

Top story on NYT site tonight covers the two campaigns playing fast and loose with the facts.  See what you think.  My take is:  As usual, it is a bit too evenhanded--yes, it seems to say GOP has been worse, but does not consider the degree.  And Michael Cooper refuses to call outright lies, well, lies--instead of mere misrepresentations.  Love his depiction of Ryan's "questionable or misleading" statements this week.

Now, I know there's blame to go around.  But what the Times reporters, and others, never seem to emphasize is this--there's a big different between, say, an outside PAC with not much money running an ad that's misleading about a steel worker's health coverage--and a candidate in his own ads or speeches making a false statement himself, over and over--or one of the two parties making the key theme of their entire convention a quote completely ripped out of context and denounced by all independent fact-checkers.  That  does not call for the usual "they both do it" coverage. How much money was spent on the Democrats' claim that Romney "likes to fire people" vs. the current GOP ads claiming Obama has "gutted" and "waived" the welfare work requirement?  Fact check that.

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Blogmomme said...

Yes, I agree all the difference in the world between a Super PAC misleading and a candidate out right lying.