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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Obama on Libya Attacks

The president just appeared in the Rose Garden, with Hillary Clinton, for statement on the deaths of four Americans, amid disgraceful attacks by Romney.   Opens by hailing all brave diplomats abroad.   Says working with Libyans to bring perps to justice.  From our founding, he says, Americans respect those of all faiths.  But "let's be clear": No excuse for these "brutal acts."  None at all.

These "attacks will not break the bonds of the U.S. and Libya."  Libyan forces fought backfor us and carried ambassador to hospital.  Hails our ambassador and others.  "I have no doubt their legacy will live on."   No terror attacks "will eclipse the values we stand for ....but justice WILL be done."  No response to Romney, of course.  Eloquent and dignified. No words from Hillary.  No reference to Egypt at all, where government is silent. 

UPDATE   As for Romney's statements, even Mark Halperin hammers:  "Unless the Romney campaign has gamed this crisis out in some manner completely invisible to the Gang of 500, his doubling down on criticism of the President for the statement coming out of Cairo is likely to be seen as one of the most craven and ill-advised tactical moves in this entire campaign."

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