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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Obama's "Transaction" With the "Big Dog"

When Maureen Dowd savaged the GOPers last week I warned that she'd piss off some Dems this week, and it's probably begun with her Wednesday column on "Barry" needing to recruit Bill Clinton to, more or less, save his ass, with Bill getting Hillary in 2016 as part of the deal.  But Maureen be a little late:  the First Lady may have done all the hard work needed tonight.  Excerpt:
And what does the Big Dog get? Resurrection, redemption, relevance, a reflected patina of Obama integrity and fidelity; the chance to outshine the upstart who outmaneuvered his wife and, by extension, him in 2008. And a possible ticket back to the Oval, this time as the first First Man, a vegan gnawing on Michelle’s vegetable garden.

It’s not a bromance, like Romney and Paul Ryan. It’s a transaction. Obama needs his Democratic predecessor to reassure jittery voters that the future can look like the past, with a lower deficit, plenty of jobs and the two parties actually talking. In return, Bill will have the capital to try to ensure that the past can look like the future, with Hillary as Obama’s successor. 

What a wild twist. Instead of ushering in the post-Clinton era, as intended, Obama has ushered in the pre-Clinton era.

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DHRiley said...

Prediction: Clinton will queer the deal tonight and give the Republicans a great ad line to run the remainder of the campaign.