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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Out at the Old Ball Game

Frank Bruni, one of the NYT regular op-ed columnists, has written three pieces for tomorrow's edition on gays in sports--and why it is still so hard to come out (just this week we had the suspension of a major league baseball player after he wrote a gay slur in Spanish on his face).  Also there's a timelime on athletes coming out, starting with NFL player Dave Kopay--I recall when he profiled him at Crawdaddy around 1977. The key piece is a profile of a former big league owner, Kevin McClatchy,  who finally comes out in talking with Bruni.
One reason there has been so much attention lately to statements about homosexuality, supportive and derogatory, from prominent male athletes is that they inhabit a stubborn bastion of reductively defined masculinity, and many impressionable kids take their cues from it. If its heroes make clear that being gay is O.K., the impact could be profound: fewer adolescents and teenagers bullied, fewer young and not-so-young adults leading stressful, painful double lives. 


PirateWench said...

And lets not forget - having some openly gay heroes such as these will also impact those kids who feel there is no life out there for them, and can possibly cut down a bit on the suicide rate of LGBT youth!

Levanah said...