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Sunday, September 2, 2012

Paul Ryan, Meet Rosie Ruiz

If you've been around awhile you might remember the name Rosie Ruiz and not quite place it.  Then you remember:  oh yeah, she was the woman who "won" the Boston Marathon by jumping to the front near the finish line (and was later exposed).  Well, Paul Ryan had his own marathon fakery over the weekend, and now Paul Krugman in his Monday NYT column calls him the "Rosie Ruiz of American politics."
Obviously nobody cares how fast Mr. Ryan can run, and even his strange marathon misstatement wouldn’t be worth talking about in isolation. What makes this incident so striking is, instead, the way it resonates with the essential Rosie-Ruizness of Mr. Ryan’s whole political persona, which is built around big boasts about accomplishments he hasn’t accomplished..
Concludes: "This is surely the first time one of our major parties has run a campaign so completely fraudulent, making claims so at odds with the reality of its policy proposals. But if the Romney/Ryan ticket wins, it won’t be the last." 

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