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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Romney Campaign Calls on Bill Clinton for Help

You may find this impossible to believe, after last night, but the Romney camp is out today with a lame, and probably self-destructive  new ad featuring....Bill Clinton.   It calls his support for Obama today merely the work of a "good soldier" and then twice flashes back to his 2008 statement--while campaign for his wife, which everyone remembers--about something or other involving Obama being a "fairy tale" and "give me a break."  And if the door wasn't already open for the Dems to run ads with clips of Romney's GOP opponents--from just the past year--ripping Mitt, it's sure open now.  Here comes "culture capitalist" and "worst candidate" at least.  But more than that: Do they REALLY want indy voters to dwell on strong Clinton support for Obama?

And there's more.  The Clinton quote they use was specifically related to Obama's opposition to the  invasion of Iraq.  So, if viewers manage to discover that, it is, if anything, another plus for Obama.

Here's the ad:

1 comment:

DHRiley said...

Glad to see them spending their money on wasted efforts.