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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The Grifter's Escape: Romney On That Video

Friendly interview with Neil Cavuto.  Romney opens with chuckle and says of course only talking about "the campaign" in that video.  Says Obama just came out for "re-distribution" today which he is against.  Role of government is only to "step in" and help people in need.   Cavuto lies about the 47% figure, calling it "right," and his only question is--is that number too high?  Romney, of course, says need to go back in time and reduce it.

Romney then riffs on too many on food stmaps.  "Americans falling into poverty...I want to get people back to work."  Wants more people who "qualify to pay taxes."   Cavuto:  Did you call them moochers? Mitt: No, just talking about many people are not supporting him.  Those who want "re-distribution" naturally won't back him.  Obama's love for re-distiibution is "foreign."  Paging Joe the Plumber!

Cavuto does ask if his statement might "boomerang" with seniors who don't pay income taxes.  Romney says he's getting many of their votes so all is well.  Then Cavuto quotes Donald Trump saying Mitt needs to get "tougher" in campaign and Romney says, "I appreciate his counsel."   Romney then says Obama plan "more European than American."

Cavuto asks what he thinks of Jimmy Carter's grandson having some role in getting video to Mother Jones.  Romney claims that's news to him.  Cavuto wraps it up and says--next segment on how mainstream media blowing this all up out of proportion. Then Pat Caddell on to say Romney "getting there" in explaining himself.

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