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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Romney Shifts Position on Climate Change?

That's the view of the ScienceDebate.org folks who (like in 2008) managed to get the top two party nominees to answer more than a dozen questions related to science and science policy (no, they were not asked about evolution, too bad).  Here are the side by side results.  They have separately flagged Romney's rather meek answer on climate change, claiming that even barely admitting that there's some human cause behind it marks a return to his views of past years before he switched to "We don't know."  Here's more from his answer on that question:
I am not a scientist myself, but my best assessment of the data is that the world is getting warmer, that human activity contributes to that warming, and that policymakers should therefore consider the risk of negative consequences. However, there remains a lack of scientific consensus on the issue — on the extent of the warming, the extent of the human contribution, and the severity of the risk — and I believe we must support continued debate and investigation within the scientific community. ...
I oppose steps like a carbon tax or a cap-and-trade system that would handicap the American economy and drive manufacturing jobs away, all without actually addressing the underlying problem. Economic growth and technological innovation, not economy-suppressing regulation, is the key to environmental protection in the long run.

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