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Friday, September 28, 2012

Some Like Him Hot

Breaking:  Major NYT probe that could be real game changer--who is "hotter," Obama or Romney?  With the usual liberal bias they marshall evidence to suggest that their guy, the president, is most hottest. 

For example:  A Google search for "Is Obama hot?" produced 10,600 hits while the same question for Romney drew...eight.  But have no fear, there is a "Mitt Romney Is A Hot Muffin in the Sack" Facebook page, although it has only earned 21 "likes."  Yes, he has been  the target of thousands of "Mitt Romney shirtless" searches, but on closer examination, most are for his running mate.  Poor Mittens.

Note:  Photo above is what comes up first if you put "Mitt Romney Hot" into Google image search right now.

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