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Saturday, September 22, 2012

The Bob Dylan 'Birther' Link

Well, this has to be my story of the day, given my abiding interest in the Bobster and the Birthers.  Josh Marshall at TPM, something of a Dylan freak himself, ties it all together.  It seems Josh is such a Dylanologist that he has purchased, via iTunes, over the years more than one amateur fan-doc by a guy named Joel Gilbert.   Later, TPM does a piece on a new Birther doc, Dreams from My Real Father,  that is proving popular with the unique claim that Obama was born in the USA--but to a "secret" father, not the Kenyan guy, but an even more obvious Commie, you know, that Frank Davis guy.  And...you get the idea.

Well, the creator of the doc for some reason threatens some kind of legal action against TPM so Josh takes a look and ...it turns out the creator of that doc is...wait for it... Joel Gilbert.  So this sets Josh to pondering what Bob might think or, in any case, how a Dylan freak also has the mindset to be an ultra-Birther.

Now I've just located the trailer and it seems it's produced by "Highway 61."  It's truly bizarre, even suggests "nude photos" of his mom--see below.  And here's Joel with, naturally, Alex Jones.  And there's much more at YouTube if you care to deep dive, though you may need a dump truck to unload your head.

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