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Thursday, September 27, 2012

The Comedy Stylings of Scott Rasmussen

As you may be aware, GOPers have been charging all week that all national (and presumably state) polls showing a deep plunge in the fortunes of Romney-Ryan are wrong--for one reason or another but mainly because they are "skewed" and "over sample" Democrats.  I've pointed to the idiocy of this in recent days, with GOPers relying on outdated numbers for the percentage of self-identified Republicans in the U.S.  (many who once called themselves GOPers now tell pollsters they are Dems or Independents since they plan to vote for Obama this time).

But the conservatives chief defense?  The good old Rasmussen Poll, long "skewing" to the right, and now, reliably, the only poll showing an edge to Romney.  This morning's daily tracker finds an even split BUT a 2% edge for Mitt when the "leaners" are added.   See my new piece at The Nation on how Rasmussen, therefore, helps guarantee an Obama victory.

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