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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Three Fun Poll Questions (But Romney May Not Be Laughing)

Finally, some fresh poll questions about Barack and Mitt in just-released ABC/Wash Post poll.  First, the top line is that the poll found what nearly all others have detected since the DNC--Obama with about a 5% lead.  This poll, however, notes that this is for "registered voter" but when they calculate (always risky) "likely voters" that drops to 1%. But there are many specific results that clearly support Obama.

Now, the fun questions--but are these results significant?  Perhaps.  They certainly fly in face of pundit claims that most Americans distrust or can't relate to Obama.

 "Who do you think would make a more loyal friend?"  Obama wins 50%-36%.

"Who would you prefer to have take care of you if you were sick?"  Obama by 49%-36%.

"Who would you rather invite to dinner at your home?" Obama by 52%-33%

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