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Monday, September 10, 2012

Top San Diego Newspaper Loses Its Mind

As some may know, I was the editor of Editor & Publisher for nearly a decade not long ago, so I know a little bit about the decline of  the newspaper industry since 2000.  And nothing is more disturbing in recent months than the takeover of the biggest newspaper in San Diego, the Union-Tribune, by rightwing businessmen who are not just slanting coverage and editorializing for GOP candidates but actively helping them in many other ways too detailed to mention here.  And they are now rumored to be buying a local competitor, the North County Times, truly giving them monopoly control.

But consider their editorial today which goes full right-wing fringe: predicting that if Obama wins gas will go to $8 a gallon, unemployment in the state will hit 12%, the tax bite for many will go up to 60% or 70% of their income, "In God We Trust" will come off coins, and much more.
We predict Israel will be attacked by the surrounding Arab terror states as the U.S. retreats from Israel’s defense. Israel’s very existence will be in jeopardy.
We predict that, with Obamacare, if you are over 65 a ride to Mexico will become commonplace, as there will be rationed care in the U.S. Death panels and other rationing plans will limit care.
As Obama’s war on God and life continues, we predict an effort to have late-term abortions paid for by taxpayers – even at a time when more than 60 percent of America believes there should be restrictions on abortion. We ask: Who stands for the life and rights of the child?


Lawrence Butts said...

More from the alternative universe that the right operates in. I feel like I am in a Twilight Zone episode.

Anonymous said...

Your "editorial" link to San Diego U-T links to your Michelle Bachmann "Crazy Eyes in Trouble" http://bit.ly/QzEOfV

BTW...I lived in San Diego '97 to '09 and worked with the San Diego Int'l Sports Council in trying to dispel the taxpayers' fury over the Chargers "Seat Guarantee" rent credit in the Qualcomm Stadium lease w/the city - the lease was cumulatively the best deal in the NFL, but Councilman George Andrews was an idiot...anyways ...John Lynch and many Republican San Diego businessman plus a lot of really nice executives & business owners were members...it doesn't surprise me at all John Lynch is CEO and part owner of the U-T...he smelled and looked like vermin!

Anonymous said...

Here's the URl of the actual U-T editorial: