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Thursday, November 8, 2012

We'll Have Nixon to Kick Around Again, Off-Broadway

UPDATE Play has just opened and here's the largely favorable NYT review tonight. 

Earlier: News has just emerged that a high-profile new play about Richard Nixon and his wife Pat, set during the 1952 campaign (when he was running as Ike's veep) and featuring his infamous "Checkers" speech, will debut next month.  It's written by the well-known Douglas McGrath and is titled, naturally, Checkers, and stars Anthony LaPaglia as Dick Nixon, although the actor is much older than the candidate, with Kathryn Erbe as Pat.

At this point, I will of course point you to my book and ebook about Nixon and his notorious race for the U.S. Senate against Helen Gahagan Douglas just two years earlier, Tricky Dick and the Pink Lady.  

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