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Friday, September 28, 2012

UPDATE: Magazine Corrects One Error, Passes on Another

More than a week ago I noted here the important new article in last week's New Yorker by the estimable Jill Lepore on the birth of modern politics--a piece that kicks off with a lengthy take on the campaign that started it all.  That race--Upton Sinclair's wild and hugely influential, for many reasons, drive for governor of California in 1934--happens to be the subject of my award-winning book, The Campaign of the Century.  Lepore did not mention the book in her article, but later wrote a blog post hailing the book as a "compelling account."

So you'd think if someone like me contacted the magazine--famous for its allegedly severe fact-checking for decades--about a couple of clear errors in an article (in my area of expertise) that I  would get a response.  But after more than a week, in my case: nada.

Yes, these aren't exactly earth-shaking errors, but they certainly were not in a rush to get it right.  I even wrote a second note--and left a phone message on Tuesday with, maybe, someone from the editorial department (who knows) stating why I was calling, but again, no reply.

UPDATE  Wednesday evening: Finally got email from a top New Yorker editor saying delay caused by fact-checker being on vacation.   Said they were sorry--that I felt this was unreasonable delay.  Yesterday came word that they would be correcting one of the errors--and one about Whitaker & Baxter heading the group California League Against Sinclairism.   But they would not do the same about calling Whitaker & Baxter the "staff of two" in coming up with damaging Sinclair quotes--ignoring the L.A. Times researcher.

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