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Friday, September 14, 2012

UPDATE: What (the Hell) Is the Matter With Kansas

UPDATE:   Man raising official challenge has suddenly dropped his complaint, charging "intimidation," so the Birther move likely ends there--according to first reports.  However, the NYT now says that the board is still meeting Monday and has not dropped the issue. 

Earlier:  You may have heard the seemingly spoofy news yesterday that the state of Kansas might throw Obama off the ballot due to questions about his birth.  They want his birth certificate to be "certified."  Surely a one-day story, wacko, even for Kansas?

Well, they are going ahead with this probe and seeking more info before making a ruling on Monday.  The claim is that the release birth certificate is "forged." The Secretary of State who will rule:  "Mr. Kobach is among Kansas’s leading conservatives, having pushed for tougher voter identification laws, having helped write Arizona’s controversial immigration law and having called two years ago for Mr. Obama to release his long-form birth certificate."  More on his Birtherism. 

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