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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Another Horror (Bullying) Story

Yesterday, on Staten Island, a school girl, 16,  distraught from constant bullying, joined her classmates at the local train stop--and threw herself in front of the train, to her death.  The night before she had tweeted, I cant, im done, I give up."

NYT: "By the time her friends began to congregate in the hospital waiting room, posting messages on Twitter and Facebook  in what would become a flurry of online speculation about her death, most had pinpointed a cause: Felicia had been bullied, they said, tormented by football players on Tottenville’s undefeated team. Some said she was teased because she had piercings and lived in foster care. Others said players had spread sexual boasts about her over the weekend, after Tottenville’s 16-8 victory over Port Richmond High School."

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