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Saturday, October 13, 2012

Bachmann Family Values

Frank Bruni in an amazing Sunday column for the NYT chats with Michele Bachmann's step-sister, who is gay, and deeply pained by their split on gay rights and gay marriage.   She wants to marry her longtime partner named Nia.
When Michele spoke at a State Senate hearing in 2006 about her desire for a constitutional amendment against same-sex marriage, Helen showed up, along with several relatives who supported her.
“I wasn’t looking to make a public statement,” she told me. “I just thought: I’m going to go there and sit there so she has to look at me. So she has to look at Nia. I wanted her to see: this is who you’re doing this to. It’s not some anonymous group of people. It’s not scary people. It’s me. It’s Nia.” She paused, because she’d begun to sob.

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