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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Baker Suite

Famed writer Nicholson Baker has just sent me links to three very topical songs he has written and posted at You Tube.  Here's one on women gathering firewood killed by U.S. drone strike,  another really terrific one on  U.S. intervention  (see below),  plus one on Bradley Manning (a subject he queried me about last year after he read my book).  

Baker, of course, is the author of Vox, Human Smoke and many other books, fiction and non-fiction. He tells me,  "I wrote the songs because sometimes words aren't enough, or aren't right.  I wanted to find a different kind of testimony."  At YouTube he includes background and/or lyrics.  "Oh Mr. O, guess you didn't know / war gets out of control."   "You weaponized the Arab spring / and that changed everything."

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