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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Head Banger Bawl

Biggest surprise in the wonderful, if predictable, Dinesh D'Souza scandal is: He was president of a seminary?  Anyway, he has now lost that position (though probably not the regard of his many wingnut fans) thanks to the usual in those circles:  hypocrisy. In this case, having a mistress outside marriage, lying about it etc.

Here's a particularly overjoyed smackdown in the wake of this, as Mark Warren admits "the impulse to hit him in the face has been quite strong in me ever since he profited from blaming 9/11 on its victims. But it seemed until today that my need to hurt this horrible little man was destined to go unsatisfied. Well, having God smack him down is so very much better. I will forever more regard this turn of events as God's review of D'Souza's body of work. Thank you, God, for answering my prayers."  Lynn Parramore here on the pattern of rightwing hypocrisy.

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