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Sunday, October 14, 2012

FDR to Obama: The Full Text

Several weeks ago I posted here a brief vid of President Franklin D. Roosevelt from 1936 offering a message about Republicans that I said Obama should simply air as a TV ad in every swing state.  That drew wide attention and ever since, the clip has been widely posted, and even made it to "The Daily Show" last week after I posted it again and suggested Obama and Biden use in debates.  Not sure if I deserve any credit, but glad to see it around now. 

But what's been missing is the full test of the speech, but now here it is.   Again: plenty there to pull out and re-use today, e.g.  "There will be—there are—many false issues. In that respect, this will be no different from other campaigns. Partisans, not willing to face realities, will drag out red herrings as they have always done—to divert attention from the trail of their own weaknesses."

Here's the video again:

1 comment:

Beverly said...

This is an EXCELLENT post/share...and you DO DESERVE credit for putting it out there! Obviously Jon Stewart thought it was good! :) Don't short-sell yourself. This is great. I'm going to share it on my "FDR: America's Best President" page on FB. Meanwhile...THANK YOU!