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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Say It Is So, Joe

Gail Collins in her Thursday NYT column looks at Joe Biden riding to the rescue in the big debate. "Democrats are going bipolar. Half the time they are grabbing at random bits of hopeful information. (An Esquire/Yahoo poll shows most Americans would rather go on a road trip with Obama!) Half the time they are in total despair. Nothing makes them happy. Show them that cute picture of the lioness befriending the orphan baby antelope that’s gone viral, and they will point out that the only reason the antelope is an orphan is because the lioness ate its mother."
“Has Seamus peaked too early?” a worried Democrat asked me in Texas a while back. At the time, I thought that anybody who is a Democrat in Texas had so many things to worry about, it was a miracle he could even remember the dog’s name. But now it’s clear that he was totally right. Seamus was so June.
All Democrats have now is Big Bird. Plus worrying about whether they’re talking too much about Big Bird.
Plus Joe Biden, who has a very nice smile.

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