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Thursday, October 18, 2012

How Progressives Can Vote For, or Against, Obama Without Regrets

A national group called Roots Action has come up with an explicit call aimed at  progressives, who may be very critical of Obama, on what they should do on Election Day this year.  If they're in one of the (few) swing states, they should hold their nose and vote for the president.  If not, they should cast a protest vote for one of the progressive candidates on the ballot there.  You can reach them here.  Noam Chomsky among others backs this.  My pal Dan Ellsberg writes about it here.  He feels "rage" toward Obama but says Romney must be stopped.

However, they are not repeating the rather widespread effort in 2000, when groups arranged "trades"--a voter  in a swing state would vote for Gore if a vote in safe states voted for Nader. 

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MeganJ said...

Obama own words now needed, Now change is required.