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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Kristof's 'Foolish' Friend and Obamacare

UPDATE  Kristof column tonight reveals that his friend died on Monday, and he has some more thoughts on reader response.

NYT has just posted a sad, harrowing, piece coming from Nick Kristof in pritn about his old college friend from Oregon who is now battling prostate cancer and more, to illustrate the need Obamacare or something like it.  It seems the fellow lost his insurance when he left a full-time job, then worked seasonally, was not covered in other jobs and chose not to spend the big money for private insurance.

Then, when warning signs appeared, he put off seeing a doctor due to the costs of that and tests.  And so on.  He admits some bad choices he has made--but that does not change the tragic state of our health system and costs today.

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